World Rugby Rebut Claims Of Discrimination With Women Players

index   September 1, 2017   Comments Off on World Rugby Rebut Claims Of Discrimination With Women Players

Once again the World Rugby has confirmed that its support for the Women’s Rugby World Cup will always be there.

He will reconfirm this with their general manager Katie Sadleir for the game of women after the detailed review process which will take place at the conclusion of the tournament.

In an exclusive interview, Pete Steinberg, the head coach USA has put the charges of “discrimination” on the global governing body with the World Cup Women’s Rugby.

And this is something, which World Rugby refutes strongly as the 2017 Women’s World Cup and they host union, the Football Union of Irish Rugby are investing nearly £7million in the rugby tournament, and also World Rugby is spending extra £13.5 million into the game of women in the 2015-19 cycle.

Steinberg is the coach of women’s rugby and the team has shown a great performance under his supervision. He has coached the team successfully up to the level tournament’s semi-finals for the first time after 1998.

A spokesperson of World Rugby speaking to The Daily Telegraph said: “The remark USA coach that women players are being discriminated is entirely false. Women’s RWC 2017 has the same operational model that the elite men’s competitions has, and this includes U20 Championship, Tbilisi Cup, Nations Cup, the Challenge of America’s Pacific and many others. Moreover, this format was approved by all the teams who are participating, including USA, long in advance.

He further added that “As Mr. Steinberg is aware that, once the tournament will get over, a complete review of Women’s Rugby World Cup (WRWC) 2017 will be done, in which all the views will be taken into consideration to develop this tournament. Once the tournament will get over, the review team will sit with players and talk.”