Saracens dreaming of International success

Liam   September 3, 2014   Comments Off on Saracens dreaming of International success

Saracens Rugby club is based in London and was set up in the year 1876. In the beginning Vicarage Road in Watford was the home ground for the club form which they relocated to Allianz Park which was renovated off late. The artificial turf was set up by the infrastructural committee in order to ensure a better environment for the players. The fans will also be able to experience something new through the free flowing rugby that the club is determined to play form the upcoming season. They will get their money’s worth each time they visit this stadium. It is built in such a way that mud or snow or even heavy rain shall not be affecting the game. The possibilities of the players getting injured is reduced to a great extent because of this new technological improvement. The chairman of the Aviva Premiership has welcomed the new development of the club. Other clubs in the premiership are expected to follow the same strategy in the near future.

Saracens always paid great attention to International Relations. The club has managed to build up partnerships with different clubs in some of the leading cities like Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lampur, Moscow, Sao Paulo and Tonga. Discussions and plans about setting up clubs in Republic of Georgia, Seattle and Timisoara are also set for launch. They have been involved in a number of cross border encounters in the 2013 season. They beat the South African Barbarians on 16th May and also toured the Bermuda Islands in order to promote Rugby. Saracens CEO Edward Griffiths seemed confident as he boasted that about forty players from his side may be representing different countries in the Olympics. It is indeed a tough plan to carry out yet the club seems to have carved out its niche and is working on execution on the same.