25 thoughts on “RWC 2011 Daily – 12 October

  1. siroam2012

    The French broke our heart in 1999 and 2007 that twice now, All Blacks will give them two broken heart all in one worldcup. couldn’t get it any saweeter then thatz
    they struggle againts the Celtics Welshman, french couldn’t even score a try with 14mens. Wallabies struggle put a try on the the mighty All Blacks with 5mins to go and 14mens.

  2. korniah

    Dude, every games different, Just hush and wait til the game comes. Its fucking world cup – decline or incline, everyone is equal in these type of games.

  3. Zephyesa

    @ragers66 bwahaha we have smashed your forawrds off the park in our last 2 games, nothing scares the aussies!

  4. jonnytt11

    dream on fool. The AB’s will be extremely lucky to get within a few points. It won’t be a thrashing but the aussies will take it by at least 10.

    I’m a die hard AB’s fan too. You have to look at at the stats. The AB’s are on a steady decline and the wallabies have been harnessing the power of being able to win seemingly losable matches. SA being the prime example.

    The only world champ tag nz will obtain after this will be the women and child bashing tag from kiwi rugby fans sour at losing again

  5. ragers66

    @jonnytt11 The only smart thing is that the AB’s will take this game out by 15+……

    You keep kidding yourself…I’m sure it makes you feel better. Ha!

  6. jonnytt11

    Aussie will make it 3. Then the AB’s will play stellar for the next few years nailing everyone in their path when it doesn’t matter. Just in time to let everyone else peak for the next world cup in 2015.
    If anything the AB’s love to upset and devastate a nation every four years and this time, losing will have an irreversible effect on the All Black brand as well as the rugby psyche of a nation.
    The AB’s will choke and lose.

    I want them to win but they simply won’t. Lets be smart about this.

  7. ragers66

    Gee, the ozzies are looking to paint the AB’s & NZers as panicking……ain’t working brudda’s! We’re confident & the support is swelling again. It’s our time, we won’t be stopped.

  8. robertsvisits

    Whoevers responsible for the ‘buck’ programming needs to take responsibility for crippling it’s potential. First you replay the same Q and A’s ad nauseum in the prelims, thus training your viewers to skip the content and write it [and him] off, which is both a disservice to the viewer, Buck and your sponsor, and then after you have alienated your viewer sufficiently you try to use the segment to provide padding before the semi’s. Just pig ignorant content management.

  9. sullivan113

    @StAnIsLaVsKi101 even funnier: it actually was. The earlier ones go at the bottom not the top 😛

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