20 thoughts on “RWC 2011 Archive: New Zealand beat France in final!

  1. phil rud

    I said that NZ can not be proud because NZ beat a team of shit with small scores…France is void!
    If NZ were really strong,NZ should always win 60-0 against France!

  2. phil rud

    ahahahaha where did you see it? The meaning of respect is very curious for you…

    The 3-0 is not glorious for the all blacks when you see the scores.
    The french rugby is dead,their game is very poor and stereotyped,the players are void….
    NZ should always win 60-0 against France!
    Why does not it happen?

  3. TheNemoZak

    you mean SOME of the french, because I’m french and I don’t think you robbed us or anything like that, the AB deserved it, we’re just saying that the refere was not at his best

  4. marcello munoz

    when i watched that game i believe my heart stopped.. and wishing the time will go faster

  5. proudkiwi97

    by far the best RWC ever. NZ host the RWC better than any country we might not be the richest but we can surely put on a good RWC

  6. bingbang3214

    All blacks Rugby world cup 2015. First team to successfully defend the world cup and the first team to win it 3 times.

  7. TheUltimateLegacyX

    Well I guess thats karma 🙂

    You guys got lucky in the 2007 World Cup. We should of got to the Final.

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  9. Ben2845

    You deserve the WC, but you really disappointed me, NZ’s have no respect for their opponents and that’s shameful, Maori culture is respectful.

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