5 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup: Tana Umaga on McCaw’s injury

  1. mjribes

    @feilidh Yup! Had a really bad weekend – only 1 out of 4. They’ve started calling Bryce Lawrence “Bruce Lawrence” in SA.

    Personally, I’m hoping for a NZ v France final – just like ’87.

  2. welshlegend117

    Why are Wales so under rated, we beat the on form side being Ireland, should have beat SA in the group stage but were robbed by the ref. And then people are still saying stuff like “too much firepower for Wales. Are you even watching the same games as me??

  3. mjribes

    My humble predictions:

    Ireland to have too much firepower for Wales
    England to to too motivated and unified for a splintered France.
    NZ to thump the Argies
    SA to pip Oz

    Roll on the rugby weekend!!!

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