25 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 The Official Game – History Of Rugby Games HD

  1. kingcoc1

    @KDRW035 RWC is crap there is no forward passes and iv tried no being held up and again iv tried the knock on are ridiculous some are clearly KO and not given the graphics are shit and its made in nova scotia in canada wtf do they know about rugger at least RC is made in new zealand. RWC looks like the game i played back in 2002-3 no change in graphics since then its just shit and not worth 44c no mind E44

  2. KDRW035

    @kingcoc1 you and golden are amateurs, the game physics are rugby, you play challenge and it feels like your playing league because you have your props at first five doing hit ups.,…the maker tru blu also made stacey jones rugby league…rwc is legit you amo

  3. kingcoc1

    @KDRW035 golden is right about the rucking and the game is completely shit the graphics are shit the online is shit even the controls are shit one second you are pressing o to catch the ball then for no reason you are kicking it away and getting a knock on

  4. KDRW035

    @GoldenbanjoDJ i bought its legit, you have to be patient in the rucking system if not then you must have shit defense buddy, and rugby challenge have the rights to the wallabies and all blacks, gameplay is good, graphics are good, you must be a amatuer, thats all…

  5. GoldenbanjoDJ

    I love Rugby & done for years and play as often as I can. I bought rugby games every since Jonah Lomu for playstation. I have played over 100 different games in my life on all consoles.

    RWC 2011 is the single shittest game I have ever played. The gameplay is ridiculous, the game mechanics are impossible and the rucking system is illogical and extremely frustrating. What is more, for the game not to have licensed the Aus or NZ teams, the two best teams in the world, is unforgivable. DO NOT BUY!

  6. IsaacRockYo12

    @ISLANDBOYTEE89 no its not fuck of the fuking slippery gypse PREFER THIS WAY MORE THAN FUKING 08 CUNT

  7. ira9999

    Kia ora from New Zealand. To those many visitors who are about to embark on an awesome journey to our country for the RWCup 2011 [2 weeks away now]. Oh yes! Our country has been counting down the dayz. We would like to truely welcome you all and we do hope your stay is pleasant. Arohamai.

  8. jctralee

    im sorry, but i just got this game , what a failure , i am going to put this in my cupborad , and go back to playing rugby 08, why could ea sports have made the game, game like anything are supposed to get better, not worse, epic fail, no all blacks rubbish

  9. Em1S

    and of all those games we saw. Jonah Lomu Rugby is still the best. RWC2011 sucks a big fat black one… it’s soooo gay and shit. get a talent 505 games


    Rugby world cup 2011 is fucken shit wat a waste of money buying this shit OMG.. Wat a fucken shit of game rugby 08 is why better…this game came out in australia today OMG wat a fucken let down..fukkkkkkk

  11. fdredcap

    They left out ea sports original rugby game for the megadrive, the first clip is actually Jonah lomu rugby by codemaster

  12. rockafella813

    no Wallabies and All Blacks licenses, good luck. Especially when the games looks not much different from rugby 08

  13. AlixGauntyy

    you forgot rugby league live.. its on ps3 and xbox .. look on the game website but its always out of stock

  14. unnamedkiller899

    can anyone tell me is this game released on windows system too??? i mean win 7/win xp/ win vista ??…

  15. TheMattismatt

    they thought they could release the same old garbage and people would just buy it because it’s the RWC but they can think again because now we have a choice, it’s not the only rugby title anymore.

  16. inoverthetop

    What a disgrace of a game, it is identical to the shit EA put out in 2008 was really looking forward to it. Great to see the same exact title being shipped out for another world cup, utter bollocks. I for one will be praying that rugby Challenge is a better title

  17. sasan8r

    This game is so shit its exactly rugby 08 from p.s2 put on to p.s3!its quite sad really! very lucky there JONAH LOMUS RUGBY CHALLENGE COMING IN 18 DAYS

  18. AjaxAmsterdam34

    ughh this looks horrible, if only EA would make a rugby game, and put as much effort as they do into FIFA they would surely be 2 of the best sports games of 2011

  19. Shadowsinexile

    Wow, my heart really did just sink when ‘Jonah Lomu Rugby’ was named as ‘Rugby World Cup 1995’. EA and HB Studios trying to take credit for the only Rugby Game ever made that was actually good? Oh dear….

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