24 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 The Official Game – 6 New Screenshots Again Ft. South Africa And France!

  1. corpeedo

    I give this game a 1/10. SO bad, played halfway though 1st have of the first game. kicked the ball into touch, the ball went past advertising boards and game didnt recognise it was out, so all players tryed to run and get ball but couldnt jump boards! froze up. so shit. so shit. went straight and bought Rugby Challenge. havnt stopped playing since. 9/10

  2. zippL0ck

    The youtube like & dislikes mean ‘Nothing’ . Its just people who ‘havent played either’ liking rugby challenge because it looks better graphics and has more teams, however the gameplay of RWC IS better than RC ,
    i have RWC and it has solid very responsive smooth gameplay with tons of tactical options, and it flows brilliently ,
    RC has too many gameplay problems, bugs & glitches .

  3. taweraster

    What are you talking about? If you’re referring to Rugby Challenge then no, your wrong, Sidhe’s Rugby Challenge title is far better than this, have a look at the Youtube like/dislike bar in there respective official trailers, only one has more likes than dislikes.

  4. quinn1112

    leav new zeland allon the under alot of presher new zeland have fullin behind and ther avatising it on line

  5. krist1love

    Fuk i played the demo on ps3. It fukn gay ea sports should of done it. The game play is un organize & slow when doing grabber kicks & shit. I still reakon rugby 08 is better..Fukn waste of time bringing this rubbish game out. Let hope for rugby challenge will be better..FUUUUUUCCCCK OFF rugby 2011.. Fuck wit my LIFE cunnt.

  6. auso824


    nah man Rugby Challenge its only got RWC
    in tha get Rugby Challenge it looks way better

  7. cyasoonbro

    uh hi dude i got the demo of this on PS3 but theirs no referee like a drawn one he makes decisions but i cant see him will he be a drawn person in the actual game or will he just make random decisions like on the demo thanks lol

  8. taweraster

    Lol how shit is this game gonna’ be, a Rugby World Cup game without the best team in the World and it’s hosted in there Country, ULTRA FAIL.

  9. DeadlyHOUSECAT

    @tuluvota congrats on winning but you were playing our b team at best, you guys have improved but one win over a weakened side doesnt warrant a change in rating

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