25 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 | Opening Ceremony | Vid 3 of 4 (HQ)

  1. Need4speedkiller

    I just cannot believe that the chairman of IRB to speak Maori very clearly while he barely spoke English clearly, lol, congrats to him!

  2. quidwitch

    “Lasydiesh an genddlsmn itsch my gread plkrasssrurr…”. what? I love you Johnie, but I didn’t catch that.

  3. 2326litara

    WTH, this dude speaking a bit of maori but our own prime minister doesn’t even say one word LMFAOOO !!! Ponder’s to self I wonder if John Key regrets not saying any
    Te Reo cause this dude sure showed Key up!

  4. misskahu

    E nga mana, e nga reo, e nga hau e wha. Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa. Well done, Mr Lapasset.

  5. karinaspiralina

    STFU jhon key couldnt even speak a lick of maori. what an embaressing prime minister. im not voting for you in elections!

  6. MyTaniwha

    @sela325 Tautoko and what Maori frenchy spoke enough to curdle milk. Dont try work to out John he was bought up with real Maori around him.

  7. MrJsnansen1980

    just think if john keys lead this haka and goes hard… i think he would be pm for the rest of his life,…. lol hahahaah

  8. BoomBoomPowDatBitch

    @BabyxJamz what the hell you on? dont give him an excuse, he was on the letterman show which would have been ten times more nerve racking than this.

  9. ALiESe

    can some one tell me the name of the song playing before the prime minister begins his speach????/ Thanks

  10. BabyxJamz

    Give John Key a break .. yeah he mucked up.. but getting on that stage is sooo nerve racking no matter how many times youve spoken infront of a crowd. I performed in this opening ceremony, and even though im a dancer and have performed many times before i was still more nervous than ever.. Nobodies perfect!!

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