25 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 – New Zealand vs France – Haka @ Eden Park

  1. donnybrooklads

    Utter crap the IRB gives France a fine for advancing the Haka! AB’s treated with kid gloves – it must stop!

  2. oarfrost

    @Labecasse67 “Yes indeed it would have been nice to show french reaction. All hakas look the same”
    True enough. That come dancing lark from the AB was great fun, but it was unlikely to have bothered the French. They started out unable to lick the Gas Street Comprehensive 2nd 15 and ended up coming within an inch of the cup. I don’t know what the foreign is for the frogs done good, but they did

  3. shaggybreeks

    @ruebensuchy Ever think that the person taking the video you’re watching is doing the same thing?

  4. Labecasse67

    Yes indeed it would have been nice to show french reaction. All hakas look the same. At least the french tried to impress their opponents in a different way and have the heart to assume on field after that. Courage is not on your side so stop bashing the initiative

  5. cleaner1984

    Everybody in the world, except NZ, admits ABs deserved to lose, the referee gave them the victory and forgot to signal at least 3 penalties against NZ. Not even counting that the NZ try is coming after an imaginery penalty. What a shame for ABs to win in these conditions, they stole the world cup. The myth of ABs has died for ever. And by the way, how does it feel to be outplayed by supposedly “the worst team to reach a final”? Ah ah ah! Shame on ABs.

  6. TiheiMaoriora

    don’t worry france..you have 65 million population….piss your national side off and pick another side….by the way…. do you guy’s know how to play marbles ?

  7. raelini

    Got to love the irony at 1:22. Complaining about the guy in front recording the Haka on his camera, because it gets in the way of you recording the Haka on your camera 😉

  8. akanewe

    @francoecohispano You sound ridiculous giving lessons, stay right there hiding behind your screen it’s safer.

  9. francoecohispano

    @akanewe My point exactly akanewe, no me digas de modales, obviously, you have no ideas what good manners are judging by the language in which you choose to express yourself, and I’m not talking about English or Spanish. Si te enfadas, bien, pero mejor enfadarse sin palabrotas. J’accepte tes objections et ton irritation mais certainement pas la façon avec laquelle tu choisis d’exprimer ta colère. Pas cool du tout.

  10. 2SissiesInnaTree

    I lived in New Zealand for 6 years, then moved to Canada, and I grew into loving hockey, but I still love Rugby, and still root for New Zealand because Canadians suck at rugby (no offense)
    So CONGRATULATIONS ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Proud to be a Kiwi 😉

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