8 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 Final: New Zealand vs France pt 2 of 4

  1. alternativebassist

    at 2:55 you will see Jane running and Parra trying to tackle him high. At 3:00 you will realise that you were talking complete shit and should feel embarrassed.

  2. alternativebassist

    at what point haven’t the french been clutching at straws? Its pathetic really

  3. UHtiger

    Your really clutching at straws if you think there was anything untoward done by Jane at that point. Very hypocritical considering Rougerie tried to remove Mccaws eyes.

  4. zisssssou

    between 02:55 and 03:00 is the moment when cory jane put an elbow in parra face, in order to achieve mc caw first destruction. well done dudes, that’s really world champs 😉

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