25 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 1995: New Zealand perform haka in final

  1. Marshal Colvin

    SA did not deserve that win as the all blacks were poisoned deliberately so
    SA could overcome the better side, but it is ok as that win for SA bought
    the nation together 🙂

  2. Antifaith29

    Congrats, Point entirely missed. Well done genius. Suggest reading a little
    further down the line next time, you wont make such a dick of yourself.

  3. caillianvp2

    Excuse you. Who won that game? SOUTH AFRICA. The Springbokke… if you want
    to talk about the current champs then go check some other videos bru. Do
    some research yourself.

  4. NuXta

    @NuXta Certainly it was an extremely suspicious incident – as reported in
    that clip, practically the entire team fell sick the day prior to the
    final, and all were pretty much well the day following. Those are not
    standard symptoms. But I really don’t want to turn this into a typically
    pointless exchange in which we just wind up hashing out our opinions to no
    good end. You believe what you will, and I will do the same. Exposing the
    corrupt underworld of sport hardly amounts to whingeing.

  5. Antifaith29

    No, the consistantly best side in the world with the best win/loss ratio of
    any team over the years didnt deserve the win. Tape that arsehole up, son.
    You keep talking about of it.

  6. NZMeathead

    @Shadowform15366 Rumors no, there are statements from players like Eric
    rush an bunce, bunce said he go up in the morning feeling sick an went into
    the team docs room an there were most the other players in there as well,
    the security head for the ABs who was a SA also states that the team was
    poisoned. like 30 of the 32 players got food poisoning Eric rush didnt
    because he an another skipped the meal an went an got kfc or something.

  7. solay78

    Seriously NZ, get over it – the AB’s weren’t food poisoned, they were
    outplayed. Stop making excuses for every WC you failed to win and accept
    you weren’t good enough on those occassions. France have played in 3 RWC
    finals and have lost each time – anyone hear them pissing and moaning 10
    /15 years later?? That’ll be a ‘no’ then, eh?

  8. mishim100

    Anytime the All Blacks are beaten, it’s an upset. The default result in any
    All Blacks match is that the All Blacks win. btw, I vote that the All
    Blacks are the most awe-inspiring of any sports team in any code of sport –
    who agrees? btw, I’m South African!

  9. joelocrevisionista

    How could NZ loose the final match? I don’t now much about Rugby, couse we
    don’t play it in Brazil, but it seems All Blacks were invencible, and much
    more strongh. Was that game arraged?

  10. Gus Williams

    Well, you could’ve used it correctly the first time! Good job! And this
    whole time I thought you were impaired. Now I believe you’re only
    moderately impaired :), and you can go back to your life whenever you so
    choose to. I haven’t forced you to be a giant asshole, now have I “champ”?
    No, you chose to be a dribbling sack of shit. Please “educate” me, on how
    to be as worthless as you. Go on, enlighten me. You seem smart enough,
    because you know everything right? Everyone but you is wrong, right?

  11. peshayuk coleman

    @Shadowform15366 why shouldnt the commentator talk during the haka, its not
    a minutes silence! Plus i think the clue as to why the fella was chatting
    away had something to do with the fact that his job requires him to do so!!

  12. Oceansnz

    @awaii90210 hey mate, yeah have a look on wikipedia. Keywords: “haka
    (sports)” that should have the words and translation of Ka Mate and
    previous haka’s too.

  13. mishim100

    @bash22jd That would be absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful after what
    the whites did to the blacks during the 350 years of colonization and
    apartheid in South Africa. Except for Johnny Clegg and PJ Powers, no
    prominent white South African person has ever respectfully co-opted black
    culture in SA. So to co-opt a Zulu ritual for rugby would be ridiculous in
    any team let alone a white majority team. Anyway, the Maoris, Tongans, etc
    are represented in the All Blacks – there are no Zulu Boks!!!

  14. bash22jd

    Ok the kiwi’s r allowed to do the haka. Should allow the south Africans to
    bring on Zulu warriors, that would scare the crap out of them… And any
    other team that dares to face them…. GO BOKKE!!

  15. 86nugget19

    Just watched the movie very inspirational, SA deserved this and fought hard
    for this remeber we had Lomu but still wasn’t quite enough, SA don’t let
    kiwis get to your head we sometimes go overboard about rugby because its
    our passion like yours, but at the end of the day you guyz deserved this
    like we desered 2011 rwc because of the shit we been thru lately, BIG UPS
    TO SOUTH AFRICA, we are great opponent’s in rugby union ! SA, NZ, AUS
    rugbyz greatest playing nations !!!

  16. Antifaith29

    The Mighty? lmfao I’m sorry who are the current world champions? Remind me
    again? You probably arent old enough to remember the game, do a little
    research, son. Thanks for the laugh.

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