25 thoughts on “Rugby Championship 2013 Australia vs New Zealand Full Match HD

  1. Eric from TX

    Rugby (Union, League, etc. Whatever name makes you guys happy because you
    get offended if it is called rugby) is fucking awwwwwwwwwesome. Not going
    to compare it to American football in anyway because they were two
    different beasts. I appreciate aspects of both of them.

  2. Dirkus Unleashed

    It’s kinda hard to watch American Football after watching a rugby contest,
    this coming from an American who plays football. It’s just way more action
    packed, and even tougher. Great stuff.

  3. Impurious Valor

    All Blacks Sing God Defende New Zealand and Aussie Sing Soil For Toil and
    Wealth LMAO Corrupted for a Win But God Always Prevails Hence the Results
    God Bless Defende New Zealand!!! but i respect australian Passion as a
    Human nature Good Game Aussie Well done you have great Players much love
    and respect way to go aussie Good hearts

  4. Brent Pendergrass

    New to Rugby. As an american and seeing this for the 1st time.These guys
    are friken tough! Love to see this in America!

  5. A Gaytheist

    It looks like we Americans just toned down the chaos and added a forward
    pass and now we’ve got football.

  6. dogmatix asterix

    We all can agree how good Israel Folau is, but Julian Savea really showed
    him up in this game, not just with an all round performance, but flat out
    speed. Twice in the 2nd half, once with the kick chase that went into touch
    by the corner flag and when he ran him down from behind 10 minutes later. 

  7. James H

    It’s funny how Horwill is always complaining about the All Blacks cheating
    when their doing the same thing as well. How come he doesn’t point out to
    the ref when their cheating if it annoys him so much?
    That’s the problem with the Wallabies, so concerned with what the other
    team is doing and not concentrating on their own game. All the talent is
    going to waste under Mackenzie very frustrating team to watch. 

  8. WhoStoleMahGuns

    Coming from an American, Rugby is fucking amazing. To bad the American team
    sucks. Hell, I’ll stick with the Aussies.

  9. Bassmaster

    I’m an American and this sport is very interesting. I don’t fully
    understand it, but as an American football fan, I do understand some
    things. Hopefully Rugby will become more popular in America someday, it
    really seems interesting.

  10. Celia DeAverrett

    Although I’m sure it hurt that was one of the funniest falcon’s Ive seen in
    rugby, lmfao

  11. gavocruz1

    Um yeah why don’t they try throwing it FORWARD!? How do they expect to move
    the ball if they keep throwing it in the opposite direction of where they
    need to go!? Rugby rules need to be changed.

  12. Tangaloa1

    Ta for the upload mate. Got to give it to the aussies, they tried as hard
    as they could, to no avail.

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