25 thoughts on “Let’s Play Rugby World Cup 2011 [4] ‘NEW ZEALAND FIGHTS IN PACIFIC SKIES!’

  1. ERA2014

    Add me on Xbox 360- EnglandRugby13 and we can play RWC2011 !! Give me ur
    gamertags! Add me EnglandRugby13

  2. Hayden Wright

    I have all rugby games and I won’t say this is the best, but to people who
    say this sucks, it doesn’t! You can run plays and they are simple and easy,
    making this game an ultimate rugby experience giving you more options in

  3. Lord Spuggy

    @richie74wells I’ve got no idea mate, I think it just switches between
    letting you choose and not letting you choose randomly, there may be a way
    to change it though.

  4. Lord Spuggy

    @scottie9963 Well, maybe the game is homosexual but that isn’t the game’s
    fault! I’m sure it would very much appreciate you keeping it on the down
    low. Also, I don’t believe Rugby Challenge is in a beta stage, I think it’s
    complete (Wasn’t that hilarious).

  5. Mick Fenucci

    O well this is my reason, inwanna buy full cuz i wanna playnmore teams like
    italy, and tournament is it worht it?

  6. Lord Spuggy

    The team sheets aren’t great on this game either mate, make sure it’s not
    too expensive before you get it!

  7. Lord Spuggy

    Right you are! 🙂 Unfortunately they weren’t even allowed to put likenesses
    into this game for copyright reasons, that’s why you see the blond chap in
    this video.

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