History of the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup was first held in the year 1987. It is said to be a quadrennial rugby union competition in international. The Rugby World Cup 2011 is the seventh World Cup. This particular tournament is held after every four years.  In the year 2005 on 17th of November a meeting was organized by the International Rugby Board in Dublin. In this meeting the main motive was to select the country that would host the particular tournament. The name of the countries that were offered in the meeting was New Zealand, South Africa and Japan. A voting system was organized to choose the particular country from the list.

During the first two round of voting of the International Rugby Council, South Africa was rejected from the list of host countries. After the final rounds of voting it was decided by the council that the Rugby World Cup 2011 will be held in New Zealand. Before this particular World Cup, New Zealand has already hosted the Rugby World Cup that was held in the year 1987. This event was regarded as one of the biggest sporting event that was held particularly in New Zealand other than 1990 Commonwealth Games, Cricket World Cup 1992, !987 Rugby World Cup and also 2003 America’s Cup. The sport council of NE Zealand published that they expected that around 96,000 visitors will come from overseas to watch the event of Rugby World Cup 2011.

The event was started on 9th of September in the year 2011. The particular tournament continued for the next six weeks. The final match of the tournament was held on 23rd October 2011. There was a special reason behind the selection of this particular date for the final match. This particular week had an extended weekend in it as the next day that was 24th of October, 2011 Monday was a public holiday. It was the Labour Day which is an official public holiday from the New Zealand Government. This final match of the tournament was held at Eden Park which is situated in Auckland. Initially, it was decided that only sixteen teams will be selected for the Rugby World Cup 2011 on the basis of qualifying matches. But later on 30th of November of the year 2007, the IRB announced that the 2011 Ruby World Cup will feature 20 teams. There was only one change in the selection of the playing teams. Portugal was selected in the previous World Cup but, in the 2011 event Russia came as a replacement team.