7 thoughts on “England beats Argentina in Rugby World Cup – from Universal Sports

  1. MusicFromPeru

    lost @Moravaginable I agree 100%……..and what really piss me off it’s Argentina playing better than the pirates

  2. Moravaginable

    The english are such dirty scum. Look at the vicious, savage way in which they hit the argentine players even when they had no possession of the ball. They basically robbed the match with their typical savagery, theft and trickery. The english are the blemish of humanity.

  3. holyshizzleitsconnor

    @GuerillaShrimp That’s what pisses me off. They call it a sport, when really all it is is a silly game with a lot of rest.

  4. GuerillaShrimp

    take out the fact that most players in the nfl get taken out for a 5min breather after each play they’re involved in

  5. C24B9

    @0d4rkstr0 watch a bit of rugby, and it’s a miracle there’s not more injuries. (BTW, I’m an American, but a “convert” to rugby.) Check out the Rugby World Cup activity…good stuff.

  6. 0d4rkstr0

    this is funy somany people just get hurt.. i wish american football was like this whith no protection!!

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